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WELCOME TO Technical College of Electronics and Telecommunications "Gh. Mârzescu" IaČ™i

Our college is a public technical secondary school, with a great tradition in the vocational and technical education in IASI , being founded in 1973. Since then, generations of youngsters have been educated and trained to become highly qualified professional in electronics, electrical engineering, automation, computers and telecommunications and they are now working for different companies in Iasi and the entire country.

Nowadays, 680 students, aged 6 to 21, are trained for the following qualifications: text and image processing technician; computer operator technician; telecommunications technician; electrician; automotive technician. There are also classes of general secondary school with the specialization of Mathematics, Computer Science; Natural Sciences and two post-secondary school classes of telecommunications network infrastructure technician and communications networks administrator.

The school provides a wide range of quality educational services that enhance graduates’ chances not only on the labour market, but also to be accepted in higher education institutions (tertiary level). Many students, after graduating our school, choose to continue their studies in universities around the country or even abroad.


Our students are involved in many local, regional and national contests and projects developed in partnerships with NGOs, the local community, universities, public institutions and private structures.


We participated in Comenius mobilities programmes (“The Teenager and Spare Time” in 2002; ”Reperer, Reparer, Raccrocher” in 2013), Leonardo da Vinci programme (“From Being a Worker to Becoming a Specialist in Electronics and Telecommunications” in 2006), “Youth in Action” projects,  ENO and others.


The school has been an ECDL authorized centre of students and teachers since 2004 and CISCO Academy since 2007, thus having the international recognition for the high quality training provided in the fields of using and operating computers and computer networks. In 2006 it became a support centre for long-distance learning.

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