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Our school belongs to the Municipality of AcharnesIt was founded in 1995 and it is located about 17 km away from the center of Athens. 

We are a secondary school of special and vocational education for girls and boys aged 12-17 who have behavioural, emotional, social and associated learning difficulties. The school aims to provide a quality secondary curriculum to young people who need a more specialized environment in order to meet their potential academic and social development. The school offers a wide range of curriculum opportunities within an environment dedicated to building self-esteem and life skills. The school excels in the teaching of specialist vocational subject areas including Motor Vehicle Engineering and ICT, alongside the more traditional subjects. We have a computer, a hairdressingand a mechanics laboratory.

Nowadays, there are 110 students, one headmaster, one deputy headmasters, 10 teachers and one social worker. Our pupils come from various parts of Athens and they come every day by school buses.

We hope you really enjoy reading about our school. 


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